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As NASBITE does not directly prepare candidates to take the NASBITE CGBP Exam, individuals seeking training on the tasks and knowledge statements tested through the exam should attend local workshops or training seminars offered through colleges, universities, trade centers, World Trade Centers, or other training programs which have aligned their programs with the NASBITE CGBP program.

This page highlights programs that have developed training programs specifically aligned with the NASBITE CGBP credential.  We will continue to update this page as more training programs are developed.


Any candidate preparing for the NASBITE exam, should review the following three documents. 

The Tasks and Knowledge Statement lists the specific areas in international trade against which questions for the exam were writte.

The Study and Review Guide will help answer questions about what is and is not on the exam.

Click here for free sample NASBITE CGBP Exam questions. (Browser may need to accept pop-up windows to work.)

Nasbite recently launched a 75 questions practice exam.  Detail here.

For a free publication that discusses much of the information from the Trade Finance domain, visit http://www.ita.doc.gov/media/Publications/abstract/trade_finance_guide2008desc.html  


Baruch College

Global Edge at Michigan State University

Export Institute

TEXAS - International Trade Center SBDC (Dallas)

Texas Tech University - Online


MASSACHUSETTS - Massachusetts Export Center

NEW YORK Baruch College

ILLINOIS - Bradley University (Chicago)

FLORIDA - University of South Florida - Tampa

TEXAS - University of Texas San Antonio

TEXAS - International Trade Center SBDC (Dallas)

WISCONSIN - Fox Valley Technical College



NASBITE 2010 Conference April 3-5, 2011 / Charleston, SC
The annual NASBITE Conference offers many training opportunities for trade educators, government officials, and practicioners.  The 2011 conference will also features breakouts specifically discussing the NASBITE CGBP credential, best practices, and resources including how colleges and universities are adapting their education and training programs.

For further conference details and information from past conferences, visit www.www.nasbitecgbp.org



Information for Training Organizations

New CGBP Accreditation Program: NASBITE has launched an accreditation program that offers program accreditation and trainer certification.  For more information, visit our Accreditation Homepage.

If you have a training program you would like to list on the CGBP website, please contact Jim Foley at jff@bradley.edu

For a copy of the NASBITE 2008 Conference presentation with an overview of the CGBP and a discussion of best practices in training candidates for the CGBP, click here.